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Introduction of the Chinese Traditional Vocal Music Department
Updated: 2021-05-28 17:08:28

    Teachers and students learn to sing the "Bayi Uprising Song" on the spot

    Teachers and students went to Jinggangshan, the cradle of the Chinese revolution, to carry out a classic search

    Kuang Yi visited Jiang Manfeng, the granddaughter of the Red Army martyr Jiang Zhihua

    Recall the story of Chairman Mao at the theme squadron meeting of Jinggangshan Red Army Primary School

    Students sang the song "My Motherland and Me" with the Jinggangshan Red Army Primary School Choir

    Teachers and students visited Mao Zedong’s former residence and listened to Li Haiqing’s telling and singing "Commissioner Mao is with us"

    Teachers and students learn to sing the revolutionary song "Xing Huo Liao Yuan Hong Dong Fang" from teacher Chen Pingmei

    Kuang Yi participated in the report activity of the Central Propaganda Group of Party History Learning and Education

    Kuang Yi was interviewed by Liaoning Satellite TV and taught how to give a good lesson on "Party History in Music"

    Kuang Yi and Li Chao sang the song "Wei Wei Jinggangshan" composed by teacher Lv Wei

The Chinese Traditional Vocal Singing Major was founded in 1956 and resumed enrollment in 1977. As a key major of the conservatory, this major has been awarded as the Undergraduate Demonstration Major in Liaoning Province in 2008, the Ministry of Education’s Specialty Construction Point of Higher Education in 2009, and the First Batch of Comprehensive Reform Pilot Major for Universities in Liaoning Province in 2011. In June 1985, the conservatory took the lead in establishing the Chinese Traditional Vocal Music Department among the conservatory across the country. The first director of the department was Zheng Sulan, and the current director is Yang Lijun. In 1996, it was approved by the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council to be the First Master Training Unit of Ethnic Vocal Music Major in China. In 2009, it was rated as the Advanced Collective of Education System of Liaoning Province. The Chinese Traditional Vocal Music Department is the founder and sponsor of the national vocal music forum and national vocal music competition. In 2015, it hosted "the First Conservatory of Music Chinese Traditional Vocal Music Art Exchange Exhibition". In 2016, the conservatory established the "Chinese Traditional Vocal Music Teaching Practice Innovation Center" jointly established by the Higher Education Division of Ministry of Education and the Liaoning Provincial Education Department.

The Chinese Traditional Vocal Music Department teaching team is led by Prof. Liu Hui, a national famous teacher and doctoral supervisor. There are 31 in-service teachers, including 10 professors and 9 associate professors. There are vocal music teaching and research office, art guidance teaching and research office, and body performance teaching and research office. The main courses include Chinese traditional vocal music singing, Chinese traditional vocal music art direction, chorus, lines, body, performance, ethnic opera rehearsal and other courses. It has created the unique teaching mode of "three sections". Application for completion of 4 characteristic disciplines of Liaoning Province colleges and universities. It has published the first National Vocal Music Textbook Selections (volume 1 and Volume 2) and the stave version of Chinese Traditional Vocal Music Course. Teachers undertake 6 national social science research projects. The talents trained are active in professional literary and artistic groups and art colleges at all levels across the country, and play an active role in the development of Chinese ethnic vocal music art and the prosperity of the people’s cultural life in their respective positions.

The orientation of the Department of Ethnic Vocal Music are: adhere to the socialist school orientation, carry forward the spirit of "Lu Yi", take morality as the fundamental task, and adhere to the school philosophy of "rooting the nation, integrating into the times, highlighting characteristics, and serving the society". Focusing on strengthening the characteristics and improving the quality of education, based on the key majors of the college, maintain the leading position in the country, continue to build a team that advocates academics, educates people, serves the society, and climbs the "peak" to lead and promote the Chinese Traditional Vocal Music Department the development and growth of art education and teaching.

The goal of talent training for the Chinese Traditional Vocal Music Department is to thoroughly implement the Party’s educational and literary policies, promote the spirit of "Lu Yi", and adhere to Shen Yin’s school philosophy of "rooting the nation, integrating into the times, highlighting characteristics, and serving the society", and cultivating quality ethnic vocal art talents who are excellent, skilled, culturally responsible and sing for the people.

The Chinese Traditional Vocal Music Department currently has 1 national famous teacher (Liu Hui); 1 provincial-level outstanding teacher (Zhao Deshan); 2 professional leaders of higher education institutions in Liaoning Province (Liu Hui, Zhu Yu); and 100 provincial-level "the Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Project" 1 candidate for the 100-person level (Kuang Yi), 2 candidates for the 1,000-person level (Kuang Yi, Bai Ning), and 4 candidates for the 10,000-person level (Wang Zhixin, Shen Depeng, Li You, Song Shuai). 2 PhD (Bai Ning, Li You). Young and middle-aged key teachers Li You, Shen Depeng, Wang Zhixin, Mu Qian, etc. have won the 4th China Music Golden Bell Award National Vocal Competition Bronze Award, the 9th China Music Golden Bell Award Vocal Competition National Excellence Award, and the 11th Liaoning Provincial Young Singers Grand Prix National Group Gold Award, the 15th National Young Singer TV Grand Prix Fujian Province Gold Award, 2009 China Vocal Peacock Award National Vocal Music Competition National Group Gold Award, 2009 "Xiangyu Cup" The second National Academy of Art Silver Medal in the National Vocal Competition of the School, the Gold Medal in the National Group of the 14th Henan Young Singer Grand Prix in 2010, and the Gold Medal in the National Group of the 2nd Golden Lotus Music Competition in 2018.And also played the main roles in important performances such as the large-scale national opera "Sparks of Fire", the large-scale oratorio "Green Hills Beyond Over", the large-scale opera "Swan" produced by the China Opera and Dance Theater, and the large-scale musical "In That Faraway Place". Since 2006, he has completed a number of national-level projects, such as the National Social Science Foundation Art Project "A Hundred Years of Development History of Chinese National Vocal Music" hosted by Prof. Liu Hui, the National Art Foundation Project, "Sparks of Fire-Revolutionaries are Always Young", education The Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Research special commissioned project "Research on Red Classical Music", the Ministry of Culture’s Art Department project "Selected Works of Vocal Music Teaching"; the Ministry of Education Youth Fund Project Yannan Zhian Singing Theory hosted by Prof. Bai Ning. More than 90 papers have been published in journals above the provincial level, such as On the Construction of Teaching Materials in the Teaching of Ethic Vocal Music, Research on The Dance Body Course, Research on the Guiding Works of Ethnic Vocal Music Art in the 21st Century, Speculations on the Relationship between Voice and Character in Singing" —Research on Chinese Traditional Vocal Singing Teaching Voice and Character Relations, A Hundred Years Development History of Chinese National Vocal Art, Singing Theory of Yuan and Ming Dynasties, Research on Piano Accompaniment of Folk Songs Adapted from Vocal Music Works after Reform and Opening Up, Chinese Classical Poetry Song Singing and Research, Dancing Body Course (Textbook), Research on Red Classics, Chinese Traditional  Vocal Music Art Guidance Works, Research on the Characteristics of Piano Accompaniment Art-Folk Song Works, Ethnic Vocal Music Art Direction Works, The Integration of Folk Songs and Art Songs-On the Creation Analysis and Artistic Treatment of  Xiao Bai Cai, Shenyang Conservatory of Music Northern Women’s Folk Song Choir Construction and Development Trend Research, Ethnic Opera Wild Fire Spring Wind Fight Ancient City Research on the Second Creation of Piano Accompaniment, Study on New National Vocal Works in the Youth Song Competition, Study on the Artistic Characteristics of Contemporary Chinese Ethnic Opera Singing, Special Concert on Piano Art Guidance in Ethnic Vocal Singing, Lu Yi Traditional Music Narrative-Eighty Years of Shenyang Conservatory of Music, On the Artistic Image and Role Creation of the Lao Li in the Large-scale National Opera Sparks of Fire, The Influence of Chinese Contemporary Film and Television Songs on the Development of Ethnic Vocal Music,etc.

The Chinese Traditional Vocal Music Department highlights the characteristics of practice and education, and cooperates with the Shenyang Museum of Mass Art to establish an art practice training base and a volunteer service base for the Communist Youth League. Has 1 music performance group: Northern Women’s Folk Song Choir (Shenyang Conservatory of Music). Won the first place in the bronze medal of the 14th CCTV Young Singer Grand Prix Chorus Competition, and the gold medal in the adult group of the Liaoning Musicians Association Award Chorus Competition. Participated successively in the large-scale oratorio "Green Hills Beyond Over", the National Centre for the Performing Arts "Chun Hua Qiu Shi" Art College Art Exhibition Week, CCTV "Music Open Class", "The Flowers of May" National College Students Campus Art Performance, CCTV Music Channel "Music Green Mountain" Qingming concert, folk opera "Sparks of Fire" and other large-scale performances.

The Chinese Traditional Vocal Music Department always adheres to the full implementation of the party’s educational policy, takes the leadership of morality as the fundamental task, promotes the spirit of "Lu Yi", cultivates artistic talents with excellent character and learning, superb skills, cultural responsibility, and singing for the people. The vigorous, high-spirited advanced culture contributes to the establishment of the cultural self-confidence of the Chinese nation and the establishment of the literary peak of the era of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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